during a Disaster for Months as your only Food Source without Suffering but Thriving

This page was written by Dave Rogers.

As a part of my first preparedness purchases I focused on the purchase of bulk Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Minerals that are medically required to stay healthy, fully functional, and alive during a long period of not eating (i.e. fasting). Yes, it is possible to 'burn that fat away' and use that fat fuel as your only daily food source. Yes, and that would seemingly eliminate the need for growing, catching, and storing food. Instead of a tool to not prepare, it can be the critical tool to help you survive during months of transition while you start to fish, hunt, gather, and grow crops as you transition into a new lifestyle of survival living for the future.

In my disaster strategy, I am not planning to automatically start a total fast. My plan is to only be capable of doing it while still eating, fishing, and etc. The difference is I will not die immediately if I can't eat, like many others will, because I will have a stockpile of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals required to stay alive. The main idea is, this will give me a buffer or transition time of months to start fishing, gathering, and producing food.

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I made this my personal priority above all other types of Preparedness purchases because it makes strategic sense. The items on the list are just to give you an idea of what fasting assistance products are available. There are a few variety of options in type and form of supplements needed for a long-term fast.

P.S. - I don't make any Amazon commission.

PHOTO: Some of my own personal prepping items.

Advice for Others...

First let me say, figuring this out is not easy, but the potential pluses are earth-shattering.

DO THE MATH: 1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories. Daily average we burn might be 2,000 calories. How overweight are you? You can figure the rest out.

Can someone stop eating and live? No. Can someone live and thrive without eating (thus burning their fat) IF THEY MAINTAIN their daily required electrolytes, and basic vitamins and minerals? YES! That is the difference. Can one start a long-term fast by 'crashing' into this due to an emergency disaster? Yes, but painfully. Starting a long-term fast is much, much easier for those who already have a lifestyle that includes healthy eating AND 'intermittent fasting.' 

Intermittent fasting is a daily eating pattern of no snacks and only 1 to 2 meals-a-day which results in basically fasting 18 to 23 hours per day. This process actually rejuvenates and repairs the body. Remember the term 'breakfast' means breaking of the fast (that you had while you were sleeping).

I've been on a Healthy Keto Diet for several years now which includes 'intermittent fasting' - that's eating no carbs, no sugars, etc and normally only one to two meals-a-day, sometimes skipping a day, with a 2 to 3 day fast thrown in twice-a-month. When I started, the hunger pains went away within the first two weeks and what I was eating changed to things that made me much healthier. This type of diet reduced my overall food consumption by half and cut my grocery bills in half also, even though I was buying healthier foods. 

When planning for a disaster, you plan based upon your current eating lifestyle. This means my food storage requirements are half also. I highly suggest you look into a Healthy Keto Diet (see info below from Dr. Berg) that includes 'intermittent fasting' - for better health, and for a better opportunity for survival during a long-term disaster or economic down-turn.


More Research...




Well, I've almost finished with all my research, enough where I've already started make bulk purchases. I will be documenting and sharing my experiences more on this page as time goes on, but that does not stop you for doing your own research. I've given you the basics, now go forth and research.