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Books on Survival, Self-Sufficiency, Gardening, Homesteading, Defense, Communications, Power Systems, and much more.

WRITTEN BY: Dave Rogers     LAST UPDATED: Feb 16, 2024

Waterproof Bibles & Cases

Yes! It's a real thing. Waterproof Bibles are now available in most major translations. Originally made with hunters and campers in mind, you could call it - THE ULTIMATE PREPPER'S BOOK. They are seriously rugged, practically indestructible, and easily survive water, dirt, and stains.
SEE ON: Bardin & Marsee Publishing,,, Waterproof Bible Cases on Amazon.

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Free Prepping eBooks

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Amazon Kindle eBooks

There's an App for that!
You can Read Kindle eBooks on almost anything. Use an Internet Browser on any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Chromebook, etc. Kindle Apps are available for almost every operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android).

eBook Reader Devices
These are specially designed electronic devices, similar to tablets, that are designed for reading eBooks of many types. They are very lite, easy to read in the sun or bright light (without glare), and the battery life can go for a week or more without re-charging.
SEE: Kindle Devices, Waterproof Kindles. Amazon also sells Certified Refurbished (aka used Kindle Devices) where you can save money.

eBook File Types

You can get software (aka 'Apps') to read most eBook formats. Some are free, some cost a small fee. You can get eBooks in file formats including Kindle and other popular formats including:

Internet Archives

Many local library systems (through their website) provide temporary lending or 'checking out' eBooks. The Internet Archive also provides an eBook loan program AND free downloads of many older, often out-of-print, books for you to keep.

How eBooks are Better for Preppers

eBook Reader Devices take up much, much less energy than most tablets and laptops, so charging them from your solar panels will easily charge them for a week or more.

My Let's face it, the age of going full digital with all your books has been well established for several decades. So for Preppers, is this really a safe or sane option? You know... Power Grid Down... EMP, etc.  I SAY ABSOULTELY YES!

Paper books just weigh too much and except for maybe a few key small 'quick-reference' books like in first-aid or how to tie knots - the bulk of all prepping books are better - AND PORTABLE if you have an e-Book Prepping Library.