WRITTEN BY: Dave Rogers     LAST UPDATED: Feb 2, 2024

Live Off Your Own Body Fat

Surprise! Every Prepper has built-in food storage: their own Body Fat.  Even the skinniest of persons has a few months of fat fuel on their bodies. The catch is, you will die if you don't keep getting water and new electrolytes and certain vitamins and minerals.

WHEN I BEGAN MY SERIOUS PREPPING PURCHASES, I FOCUSED ON WHAT WAS THE MOST STRATEGIC AND VALUABLE SET OF RESOURCES: Bulk supplies of Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Minerals. These are medically required to stay healthy, fully functional, and alive during a long period of not eating. Yes, it is possible to 'burn that fat away' and use that fat fuel as your only daily food source and to thrive and advance in doing so. I've never heard of any prepper discuss this before. I might be onto something? Yea buddy! I think so too. 

While this would not totally eliminate the need for growing, catching, and storing food - it would, at least initially, help prepper's survive during an initial disaster stage and also provide them a 'cushion' or 'buffer' to transition into longer periods of survival, but you got to know what to do.


Personal Mobile Survival Kit

All Your Main Prepping Equipment Should be... Small & Portable!

All equipment you buy in the beginning should always and primarily be focused on 'SURVIVAL' equipment - items that you absolutely need to live AND that have DUAL FUNCTIONALITY:

In your individual mobile survival kit/pack you should at least have these items:

Bulk Food Supplies

When looking into buying food supplies for one main but critically overlooked area is how long does it take for those items to cook. Another is how long will the food items survive in storage. The best food items to store are dry goods like rice and beans which can easily last 10 years


Unique Prepping Items

List of Prepping Products Dave personally uses and highly recommends.

Dave's Amazon Lists

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These are Dave's recommended products. I don't make any commission. Use these as a starting point to explore the types of equipment available. PRIOR TO PURCHASE, search the Internet and Amazon to find the best prices.

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Dave's Current Buying List

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