Preparedness Team

Shalom friends!

Many are coming to the realization that we need to spiritually and physically prepare ourselves, our families, and our homes for survival (sustainability) during future temporary and long-term times of trials and disaster events. Some believe that the need for self-sufficiency and survival preparedness is just a better way of living. Some believe they are preparing for prophesied end-times events, or for war, or for natural disasters, or the breakdown of economic, electrical or civil governmental systems. Regardless of the motivation, the theme remains the same for all: BE PREPARED!

To be prepared and to participate in 'preparedness' education and awareness is an act of wisdom and love for our families and our community of like-minded Believers. May YHVH grant us wisdom in these trying times. Amen! Amen!

- Steve Otto

Steve Otto

Steve has experience in self-sufficient urban living, in building gardening systems to increase food supply and organizing the home to increase food storage. He's expanding his interests into survival skills and advanced gardening techniques.

Stephen Otto's website is:
and is the Founder and Group Admin of the Facebook Group HEBREW ROOTS RESTORATION:

Dave Rogers

Dave grew up camping, farming, raising chickens and managing a small vineyard; in hurricane preparedness, hunting, and fishing (bay, lake, river, coastal salt-water); in woodworking, carpentry, construction, house wiring, and home re-design and renovation; in building electronics (the Radio Shack experience), and in automobile repair and rebuilding. As an adult he expanded his knowledge and experiences into wilderness, RV, and car camping, disaster preparedness, urban survival skills, technology systems, and in the study of civil infrastructure and communication systems.

Dave Rogers' website is:
and is the Founder and Group Admin of the Facebook Group HEBREW ROOTS OF CHRISTIANITY:

Personal Note from Dave

July 4, 2023

As we see the signs of things getting worse with China, Iran, and Russia, let's all hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst. Never 'overly' focusing on the situation, but remaining on God and our God-given duties to our families and community, seeking God for instruction and guiding our path/actions on specifically what we are to do. In doing so, stand firm in his guidance.  

As a single man, I don't have the concerns about family like many others do (since I don't have one except for those in the Kingdom). A few years ago I was 'taken to task' and corrected by the Holy Spirit about my lack of concern over these issues and need for 'prepping.' In my mind, I had no apparent need to 'waste my time and Kingdom resources' on such things. I was corrected, in the fact that God has invested in me decades of building up of his witness within me. In my heart I've always been very 'Kingdom-centered' in everything I do, making countless sacrifices throughout my life for its advancement. Continuing my life was not important (in my mind) so long as the Kingdom is advanced. I WAS TOLD I MUST MAINTAIN THE WITNESS. Now I understood why 'prepping' was so important - not for me, but for the Kingdom.